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5 Best Credit Cards For Grocery Shopping In India

I have listed below the top 5 best credit cards for grocery shopping which you can use to take all the benefits and rewards. Apart from that the credit cards also give reward points, shopping vouchers, online shopping benefits, and restaurant discounts.

  1. HDFC Bank Solitaire Credit Card For Grocery Shopping


HDFC Bank Solitaire Credit Card

HDFC bank solitaire credit card gives you the 2880 reward points or more in a year on Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 spent each month in grocery shopping

It means that you will get Rs.576 minimum in the year on spending Rs.4000, in fact, you can get more than the minimum amount.

Another good offer that the HDFC solitaire card gives an extra 50% reward point on spending dining and grocery items. For example

Normally HDFC gives 3 reward points on Rs.150 spent but you can get 4-5 Reward Points because of spending on grocery items and dining

(1 reward point is equivalent to Rs.0.20)

But It is higher in case of grocery items 

          Welcome offers- You will get your renewal fee-free in the next year 

Some Key benefits

  • Get  1000 shopping vouchers on every spend of Rs.75000 in 6 months
  • You can save at least Rs.1500  in a year on fuel transaction
  • Earn cashback of more than Rs.2000 on reward points accumulated by spending Rs.5 lakhs on your card

          Key Points to Remember

  • You can enjoy all the reward points within 2 years limit
  • You can get an extra 50% rewards points only on selected restaurant and If restaurant under hotels, shopping malls, and the departmental store will not be qualified for extra reward points

        Click here to apply for HDFC bank solitaire credit card  

2. Simply Save Advantage SBI Credit Card

Simply Save Advantage SBI Credit Card

10x reward point facility for grocery shopping 

SBI simply advantage credit card provides you 10 reward points each Rs.100 spent on grocery items including dining, departmental store, and movies. But you will get 1 reward point for other spendings 

It means that suppose If you purchase any grocery item Rs.4000 on credit card you will get Rs100 for using the outstanding redemption. You can also use the SBI Simply Save Advantage Credit card to shop on the departmental store, dining, and movies to get extra reward points.

(4 reward point = Rs.1)

Key benefits

  • You can use simple save advantage SBI credit card on 24 million outlets across               the globe including 3,25.000 outlets in India
  • You will not have to give 1%  fuel surcharge at any petrol pump
  • Annual subscription charge will be free if your spending is more than Rs.100000
  • You can also transfer outstanding of other bank’s credit card to the Simple SAVE Advantage credit card to pay back in EMIs

Annual chargesRs.499 

You can also redeem your reward points on this below link

(Sbi Simple SAVE advantage credit card reward link)

Click here to apply for SBI credit card

3-ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card For grocery shopping

ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Card is one of the best credit cards for grocery shopping that you can use to make grocery shopping through the reward points. ICICI Coral Contactless card provides payback reward point which is India’s largest reward program 

As a benefit, you will get 2x reward point will be given on the purchase of grocery item and earn 2 payback points on every Rs.100 spent

(Each payback point is equivalent to Rs.0.25)

Now You can redeem your reward points at the petrol pump with Rs.500 as against 2000 reward points 


ICICI Bank has provided a unique support system to redeem the reward points

  • you can claim your reward by calling on 080-40146444 and your account will be credited within 7 days
  • Otherwise, you can also request redemption through and you will get the gift of your choice within 10 working days

Annual fee- Rs.500+GST

Key benefits 

  • You can save 15% on your dining bill at over 2500 participating restaurants over 12 major cities in India
  • A complete 1% waiver on fuel surcharge every time you refuel 

( Condition- you should spend a minimum Rs.4000 transaction at all HPCL Pumps and payment should be made by swiping the card on ICICI merchant services swipe machine only)

Click here to apply for ICICI coral contactless credit card

4- Axis bank buzz credit card

Axis Bank buzz credit card provides supporting vouchers options to buy the grocery product.

You can also get 1000 voucher on Rs.50000 spent on a credit card, you can utilize your voucher in this following way

  • You can also use it to buy for online shopping, again buying grocery items and movie tickets 

Annual fee- Rs.750 will be charged 

Other good Saving Opportunities and Vouchers Offers

  • You surely can save up to Rs15,600 and can get a 4000 edge reward point if you will spend Rs.200000 on different sources like online shopping and dining
  • Axis bank also provides you the minimum 15% off on partners restaurant across India listed on official bank’s website
  • You can get 2 Axie eDGE points on every spent Rs.200 and get 3 Axie eDGE point on buying online

Click here to apply for Axis Bank buzz credit card


5- Essentia Kotak Mahindra Credit Card

Essentia Kotak Mahindra Credit Card is also good saving option credit card to choose- 

As the credit card provides 10 saving points each Rs.100 spent on grocery products

( 1 saving points = Rs.1)

For Instance –

You will get Straight Rs.500 on 500 saving points If you spend Rs.5000 on grocery items  

Other key benefits

  • You will get 6 free PVR ticket or 1200 reward points if you spend  Rs.1,25.000 every 6 months
  • You can also redeem cash against your saving points

Click here to apply for Essentia Kotak Mahindra Credit Card


Essentia Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card would be the best choice for saving Point of View If You are Averaged earned salaried person like monthly salary 20k to 30k in India.

You can choose HDFC Solitaire Credit Card because it provides multiple reward and benefit and SBI credit card is a good cheap option 

Most of the time Credit Bureau organization decides whether you are eligible for a credit card or not It is based on credit score so that you need to keep your credit score high














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