7 Best Landlord Loan For Investor

What is a Landlord loan?

Before jumping into what are the loans are available You should know that what is exactly a landlord loan.

The landlord loan is also referred to as rental property loan which the borrower finances the land/property to utilize the money for rebuilding the investment property for rental and leasing purposesYou can apply for the loan in below list

Exploring 7 best landlord loan for a property investor

1.Hard money lenders

Hard Money refers to the asset-based loan financing which can be used for only real estate properties. Only the private owner and companies can fund the loan to the Landlord but not by Banks. Hard money is usually taken out for a short period of time and uses for an investment property loan.


  • Usually, Hard money is a much quicker approval process than other traditional loans by Bank
  • The lenders don’t check the credit score of a landlord to decide whether to give loan or not
  • The Borrower has a greater advantage to resell the property/land if he defaults or fails to pay
  • The borrower can receive the fund within one week


  • Usually, the loan interest rate for hard money is higher as compared with other loans
  • The interest rate may come from 8-9% to 16-18%

where can you get the best hard money lenders

It’s likey a difficult job to find good hard money lenders but you don’t worry I have a list to choose

  • lending Home(best competitive rate & fast funding )
  • Visio lending(Best suited for refinancing or grow your rental portfolio)
  • RCN capital(Best customer service with a local bank feel from a 44-state lender)
  • Delancey Street(Startup developers who want creative financing on commercial and residential investors)

2..Conventional lenders

A conventional lender is also referred to as confirming loan because of guidelines and laws framed by the government. Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) also set the loan limit provided to the investors.

The government doesn’t guarantee or secure a conventional loan to the borrower. Conventional mortgages often meet the down payment and income requirements set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


  • The interest rate for the conventional lender is lower than the hard money loan
  • Charges and fees are also lower than other lenders


  • A conventional loan is a slow approval process which normally takes 30 days to close
  • A conventional loan requires hard documentation process
  • The loan requires a credit score and income requirement unlike hard money lender
  • A conventional loan requires at least 20% down payment

where can you get the best conventional loan?

  1. Quicken loans
  2. new American funding
  3. City bank mortgage
  4. Bank of America

3.Online landlord lender

The online lender is becoming a growing industry in rental property funding, You can also get for a go-to-funding option and fix-and-flip loans from the online lender. Online lender majorly focuses on the collateral, the property.

The online lender is far flexible than a rigid conventional lending program because the lenders have their own portfolios.


  • you can get the faster settlement process within 10-14 days, the lender will proceed a loan
  • you don’t require any income documentation or higher credit score for approval
  • Often these lenders don’t report any information to the credit bureau
  • You don’t have to provide your physical document because of online documentation


  • The Interest Rate in case of an online lender is more than conventional and hard money lender
  • Your down payment may require 20-25% range
  • you might face obliqueness due to less human interaction

Best option You can choose your online lender

  1. Lening one
  2. Sofi mortgage

4-Transactional Loan

a transactional loan is a type of funding which is also called short-term funding also known as same-day funding or flashing funding. Transactional funding involves three parties

  1. The Seller(A)
  2. The Investor( B) or You
  3. The end buyer(C)

First, the Investor buys the property from the seller on a transactional loan basis and sell the property to the end buyer. The money which the investor gets from the end buyer is repaid to the transactional lender after paying some fees and charges.

Transactional funding doesn’t involve an assignable contract held by the bank. As a result, the bank’s security interest must be satisfied before the property is sold.

There are the Investors who need the transactional fund like

Real estate whole seller

If you are a real estate whole seller, transactional lending is a good option to choose because you will get

  • an easy loan to buy the property and can resell it to the end-buyer
  • the funding process is not more than 2-3 days
  • easily can get profit on the same day transaction

Fix & flip landlord investor

If you are a Fix & flip investor, You can take the profit from a transactional fund like

  • you can get loan easily to buy your discounted property
  • you can use the loan to rehab works in building the property
  • The Fix & flip Investor can only get profit when the property will be sold

Best transactional loan for a lender to choose

  1. we lend money
  2. Besttransactionalfunding.com

5.Real estate Crowdfunding loan

Real estate crowdfunding is an alternative source of funding for real estate and landlord properties. It pools relatively small amounts of money from multiple investors in order to finance a property or portfolio of properties.

Where You can get the best crowdfunding loan

  1. Fundrise
  2. RealtyMogul
  3. Crowdstreet

6.Mini Perm Loan

Mini perm loan is a short term financing loan for you which you can use to pay off construction projects or commercial projects before they become profitable. As most permanent lenders today do not have a big appetite for unproven properties.

A mini-perm loan is also considered as a bridge loan. You can lend it for a short-term duration period like 2-5 years.

How do mini prem loans help you to build your property

  • helps you in office buildings, industrial parks, retail shopping centers, and multifamily apartment building
  • You can also use mini-perm loan until the property performance and income are generated
  • You can also build trust for other traditional lenders as you have a good loan track record

7.Blanket mortgage loan

A blanket mortgage loan is good rental loans for the investor who has multiple land and property to invest in. It’s a good refinancing option for the investor. You can pool all your multiple properties and land under one mortgage without having a due-on-sale clause.

Key benefits

  • You can sell your existing property or land whenever you think it is completed
  • you will be free from one mortgage when the part of property is sold because the portion of the mortgage that was used to fund that land or property is paid back to the lender
  • the extra fees can be saved which you had to give in case of other loans because of covering multiple properties under one mortgage

The problem you might face

  • you may find harder to get a blanket mortgage loan because usually the lender refuses to give this loan
  • If you default on one property It could affect your entire mortgage property


 You can use the above the loans for building your property but before that, some important thing to know

  • If you want to invest on a large scale of property and land, Blanket mortgage loan would be a great choice
  • You don’t want to wait because funding is an emergency so, the Online and transactional loan is preferable
  • Mini-perm landlord loan helps you to pay off or construct the commercial project completing the project
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