check cibil score by pan card

How To Check Cibil Score By Pan Card

The Cibil score plays a vital role while applying for a loan for any bank from NBFC to the largest banks, so It’s important to Check Cibil score by pan Card.

Every lender requires a good credit score to approve the loan amount. So, In order to confirm whether your loan will sanction or not first, you need to check your Cibil score free online.

How to check Cibil score free of cost online in India?

Checking Cibil report by pan card is easy and free of cost where you can get the accurate Data of Information

Now see how you can check Cibil score free by pan card,

Before that be clear I am telling you the real CIBIL score Official website, not any third party website.   

Let me show you below

  1. First Open the site- Cibil.comcheck Cibil score by pan card
  2. When You open site then you will get a page like below, 2nd click on “gets yours now”check Cibil score pan card online

  3. 3rd step- Now you will get an Account Create page, fill up all the required information need to be filled up that account page.

    Like Name, Email ID, password, Name, Pan card number, mobile number, pin, and Date of
    .account create page of cibil score official website
  4. Complete the verification process by giving your OTP number, After creating your free account page.
    . OTP verification page Cibil 
  5. Then you will get another page and click on  the “Accept & Continue Page” then proceedverification page cibil 
  6. Last, “Accept & Continue” You will see the Cibil Account Dashboard and now You can see your free Cibil status by pan cardcibil score report

In this way, you can check credit score by pan card for free and now you can know your eligibility to apply for a loan from the bank.

In this Cibil account, you can also check current loan information, Cibil score updates(for pro members only), previous loan inquiry information, loan alerts.

How to check Cibil score without pan card

You can also check your Cibil score without pan card by doing the same method but just changing one step. 

You have to change the Id card option like voter id, driving license, ration card or passport number instead of clicking pan card.  

  1. First Step– You have to open a Cibil score official website
  2. Second Step- click on “Gets yours now button
  3. Third Step- Now fill up all the information provided at there then choose 

Now you can get your CIBIL score without using a pan card on CIBIL account dashboard

You should know the Importance of Pan card?

Pan Card has a unique identification number having a 10 digit Alfa-Numeric number and legal proof of citizen identity proof in our country and this is a legal document for every verification process.

The importance of Pan card for Cibil check is nothing but It does have significant importance in several cases like 

  1. IT returns: Pan card is required for IT return filing
  2. Loan apply: Normally the lenders and Bank requires Pan card to verify the loan application
  3. Applying for credit card/Debit card: Pan card is required to apply the credit card and debit card  
  4. Foreign Investment: To exchange your foreign currency, you are required to provide the Pan Card
  5. Cash Deposits: If you are depositing More than Rs.50000, It is mandatory to provide pan card
  6. Proof Identity: Pan card is regarded as the valid proof of identity acceptable by the Government of India

Hence, you need to provide pan details when you will apply for any loan. However, Pan card is not the compulsory document to check the Cibil score.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a good Cibil score?

Cibil score ranges from 300 to 900 If your Cibil score is more than 700 It is a fairly good Cibil score but it depends on the bank whether they will provide loans to you or not.

If your Cibil score is more than 800 then most probably every bank will offer you to get a loan with an affordable interest rate

What is a minimum Cibil score to get a loan?

If your Cibil score is more 700, Most probably Your chances of getting a loan are high but exceptional are there few lenders might not accept.

If your Cibil score is higher than 800, Surely no bank can deny you.

Is credit score and Cibil score the same?

The answer is No, not all credit score is Cibil score but all Cibil score is credit score because there are also other types of credit score like Experian, Equifax, and Vantage score.

Cibil provides its own credit Bureau agency’s score after analyzing consumer’s credit history and retrieves the score into the lender.

Who calculates Cibil?

Cibil stands for Credit Information Bureau India Limited which was calculated by the Transunion Cibil Credit agency.

Cibil First came in 2000 by accompanying with TransUnion United State-based
credit bureau agency.

Will your credit score down if you check your Cibil score?

The Answer is No because the Cibil It’self says that It won’t affect your credit score If you check your Cibil report online free.

I have shared the screenshot below where The Cibil has described that the CIBIL score will not be affected by any CIBIL Enquiry online. In fact, they mention that It’s good practice to check the CIBIL score periodically.

myth report from cibil official website

How the Cibil Score is calculated?

A credit score is calculated by considering several factors of consumer-like

1- credit history,
2- credit utilization
3- how much credit consumer has
4- how much credit in the past

So, The credit bureaus collect all data and retrieve the accurate data through their algorithm system.


Don’t take a loan If that is beyond your earning limit and perhaps you can’t repay them in future.

So be cautious before taking the loan not just because of your good Cibil score but because of your paying capabilities.

Do regularly check Cibil score by pan card or by other Id proof in order to alert your awareness about your credit score.

Don’t believe in rumors which spread with you that Cibil score will become down If you simply Inquiry your Credit score.

Remember the important points

  • Don’t fear of checking the Cibil score just because your credit score will become down.
  • check the Cibil score online at least once in 6 months.
  • Always Pay credit card due within time before the specified due date, because your CIbil score will decrease.
  • Payback a loan to the lender within time without defaulting in order to maintain your good Cibil score.

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